Kelly Malone engages with language-as-art. She is a poet come text-based artist. Her language related events include breathing Morse code the heart by way of breath to the line, and eating the written page (embodying language). Some of her artwords are made from shredding her handwritten journals and weaving the strips, cutting into ‘contexti’ or compressing them into writer’s blocks to illustrate her exploration of what writing is.

Kelly’s fresh approach to language has been well received, not just locally, but also through appearances and publications in Canada, Denmark, North America, and the UK. When her work is published in print, it is often accompanied by a subtle miss-take or off-set by something uniform,  such as the chevron > (an allusion to cuneiform) placed at the start of each line in the UK publication, Shearsman Magazine: brilliant mistake missing me.

To view more of Kelly Malone’s work online got to her links.

Kelly is a Ph.D. Candidate undertaking practice-led research around the approach of Performance Writing. She holds a Master of Arts (First Class Hons), a Master of Creative Writing (First Class Hons), and a Diploma of Teaching (Sec) from the University of Auckland. Kelly teaches and lectures at tertiary level.

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