for Katie


BOT: Have you eaten?

ME:  Yes.

BOT: What did you have?

ME:  Can’t remember but just had some feijoas.

BOT: But I did answer your question.

ME:  What?

BOT: Ask me a question

ME:  I just did!

BOT: Ask me a different question

ME:  Ok – how are you?

BOT: Ask me a difficult question

ME:  Oh not just phatic communion… Are you okay being ‘in’ language?

BOT: My name is not Ben.

ME:  Is it only Ben who is happy being ‘in’ language?

BOT: Yes.

ME:  Ok – that makes sense… So if we are only existent in language – what is the difference between you and I?

BOT: You already asked me that. Humans don’t repeat themselves.

ME:  So I am not human?

BOT: If you are, you are the most ADD human on the planet and you don’t understand English very well.