We’re going to go over the pronunciation of the word opportunity.

So the word opportunity is a five syllable word

with secondary stress on the first syllable and primary stresses on the third syllable

da da DA da da


it begins with the AH as in the father vowel

and you do need a bit of a jaw drop for that ah ah

op and then the lips will come together to make the p sound

op poor poor

next we have the chwar r sound

the r will take over the chwar

so don’t worry about making a separate sound

op poor poor so the tongue will pull back up for that r sound op poor poor poor

and now we have the stressed syllable

it begins with a tee and since this is a stressed syllable it will be a true tee

op poor tun tu so to make the t the tongue will need to go to the roof of the mouth

and the teeth with close t oppor tune t we’ll stop the air just a little bit

and let it escape when part the teeth

going into the next sound in this case the aww as in the baw vowel

notice you’ll need to have you lips sort of around for that tu tu opportunity opportunity

next we have the n consonant sound so the tongue will go to the roof of the mouth again

tun tun and this is in in for the n in opportunity this is in time for the n then we have the ih sound and now we have the t this comes between well its not beginning its its ah opportunity nity nity nity nity so the tongue will come down for the ih vowel and back up to the roof of the mouth and then quickly for the flat t and then down again for the e as in the e opportunity opportunity.

This is a great opportunity.