Photo Credit: Luca Curci, Venice 2017

Reign of Contexti – Venice

The first appearance of Coni Text.

Alongside the 57th Venice Biennale, for the Anima Mundi opening, I performed my ‘Reign of Contexti–Venice’ as the Queen of Contexti in the Venetian palace, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi (built in the 16th Century). Dressed also in a 16th century costume from Nicolao Atelier, adorned with a strip of text-weave (my striped woven journal handwriting) across the hat, I silently rained contexti (my torn journal pages) by waving a Venetian fan – being a fan of my own writing – under the reigning hand which held the contexti. The airflow of the fan lifted contexti from this reigning hand and I proceeded to walk into the rain of contexti.

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Performing my writing in silence continues to be of interest and afterwards, my writing ghosted its reign, left strewn on the marble floor and small packets of contexti lay-in-wait for any fortunate takers. I allowed people to capture my performance on film, and some photographed it, as shown below (images courtesy of Luca Curci and Astrid Charlotte Wintgens). Maddalena Pippa dutifully carried my cellophane Dorothy bag filled with five months worth of my writing. For me personally, Reign of Contexti – Venice, felt like one of my best performances yet. A highlight was when I rained contexti over a young boy whose head tilted-up and his eyes filled with awe.

It’s LIQUID Group and Luca Curci invited and facilitated my performance.

Proprioception, Poetics, and Performance Writing, Performing, Writing Symposium, Massey University, Wellington. March 2017.

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