‘Reign of Contexti’ Exhibition and Performance at Watt Space

Reign of Contexti: a room of one’s own works on paper

An installation of three years worth of Kelly Malone’s handwritten journals shredded into walls and a ceiling of contextiosaics.

Showing April 4th-22nd, 2018.

Watt Space Gallery, NSW, Australia

Performance within the installation: Text Icon, a short absurdist play written by Kelly Malone, performed with actors on April 17th, 2018.

CITE           David Graham

COIN           Ashley Fry

CONI           Kelly Malone

ICON            Rebecca Drury

NOTE           Clare Wilkinson

TONE           Madeleine Kehoe

Photos Credit: Clare Wilkson, except the one of ‘Note’ taken by one of the other actors listed above.

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