Kelly Malone is a language artist and has performed and published her work in Aotearoa (New Zealand) Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, North America, and the UK.

Reign of contexti: a libretto was a finalist for the Leslie Scalapino Award, 2016-17. The play is a visual, percussive, and tactile performance. Scored for writing, cut and woven, with the breath as text in transliteration, the libretto re-scores how poetics and the politics of language are enacted.  

Reign of Contexti: Venice, was performed in Venice, 2017, at Anima Mundi, alongside the Biennale. The performance included a rain of her contexti (hand shredded handwritten journals) using a Venice fan.

To view more of Kelly Malone’s work online got to her links.

Kelly is a Ph.D. Candidate undertaking practice-led research on the approach of Performance Writing. She is the recipient of an Australian Government Research Training Programme Scholarship through the University of Newcastle, NSW. Kelly holds a number of degrees including a Master of Arts (First Class Hons), a Master of Creative Writing (First Class Hons), BA Hons (First Class) and a Diploma of Teaching (Sec) from the University of Auckland. She has taught and lectured at tertiary and secondary level for the last fifteen years, before focusing solely on her PhD research.

Please follow the link for further details of Kelly’s teaching and study at the University of Newcastle: <http://www.newcastle.edu.au/profile/kelly-malone-uon&gt;


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