language artist

oh pen letters

Dear Construct, How all is chugging along in language and object-illusion! My desires are summounting as per usual. I’m delighted I will again be in great movement. How I relish movement of any sort, especially that greater than my own body. Trains most of all. Planes are necessary for those far flung places–or flung far from […]


there / go (everything is new)

Hollow yawn my f/t/re if yo/ co/ld find a way o/t in into a different tong/e i miss me / mimesis neither knows where it has gone come from in a station of the metro, in Pound’s Paris, of here unknowing one knows what one thinks one knows when it will end ro/ghly q/estions are yawns echoes have […]



  A pigeon sits centre of the footpath coming up to midday.   Its feathers puffed-up nestled in a nesting position on the shady side of the street.   Cut and red where its neck once would’ve stuck out   it has been proven even less I know how all this came to be   […]