CODE GALA the poets

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CODE GALA’s grand poetry reading was emceed by Michele Leggott. Poets, John Adams, Wystan Curnow, Makyla Curtis, Murray Edmond, Ya-Wen Ho,  and Ruby Porter all responded with their own words to Kelly’s poetry. Below are some of their contributions.

John Adams, ‘Phlox’

Phlox John Adams

Wystan Curnow, ‘get  me’

–read by Ya-Wen Ho with a suggested approach from WC to wait silently for a approx. a minute before reading (which Ya-Wen did so well) and continue to pause for a period between reading each piece.

Makyla Curtis, ‘Codes of Ode’

Codes of Ode

Makyla Curtis’ sound work ‘On a Tantric Poem: after Malone’. This is a reworking that refers to her and Kelly Malone’s reading of Malone’s ‘tantra’ – a recording made for the Nee Miss show.


Murray Edmond


 and so is Salvador Dali

look at his moustache

it’s like the Cote d’Azur

the way it shimmies


that’s what terror looks

like putting on a brave face

when stopped in its negligee

before the turning handle


who will come through

that’s a fair question

but asked too late

as Gothic style insists


even John Keats could not

resist the sound of hinges

the footstep on the stair

the net that falls


graffiti that the concierge

scrawled in mute despair

the virgin painter and his bride

who shakes her raven hair


-Murray Edmond


Ruby Porter, ‘A Simple Method to Control Bleeding’

A Simple Method to Control Bleeding



All photos courtesy of  Dennis Thorpe, except for ‘Makyla Curtis’, courtesy of William Hackett, taken at Code Gala
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