Reign of Contexti

Reign of contexti: a libretto was a finalist for the Leslie Scalapino Award, 2016-17. The play is a visual, percussive, and tactile performance. Scored for writing, cut and woven, with the breath as text in transliteration. The libretto re-scores how poetics and the politics of language are enacted. An iteration of the score was performed in New York at the Theatrelab April 8th, 2018.

Reign of Contexti: Venice, was performed in Venice, May 13th 2017, at Anima Mundi, alongside the Biennale. The performance included a rain of  contexti (hand shredded handwritten journals) using a Venice fan.

Reign of contexti: a room of one’s own works on paper was an installation at Watt Space Art Gallery, from April 2-22nd, 2018. The installation also housed a performance of the play ‘Text Icon’ written by C. Text.